Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Very Nice..

Today..i juz spent whole my home..relax..and also play mobile games..'Miami Night'..not bad..server down..and i can't do anything even open my emaill..Haloo Celcom..plz check your coverage low bored..i really miss my buzy day..

I'm very happy for my friend's wedding..(refer to and her hubby salleh..not bad,miah..unbelieveable..b'coz as i know miah is lit bit tough and very the 'ganaz'..well that we called 'jodoh'..i still remember that,miah,zulaidah,max,shazz and sulhidah..pretend to be ghostbuster..and something 'scary' happend..and untill now..we never tell anybodi..well it fun and i like it..

i supposed to attend that wedding but it clash wit something more important..and also i still dont get my cash money cancel it..but i pray for her..

I think juz tiz i can idea..

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