Friday, January 2, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! foots oledi in year 2009..everything in 2008 alwayz be history..good make it as a spirit and fail as one of support to 2009..well nothing happening happen for last nite celebration..juz watch mo-v on ABO-channel 952-953..

And most 6 month..i'm jobless but keep doing my biz..(service and product)..and for tiz year i started wit happening newz..

No.1-I success wit my interview as a motivater for PLKN..and will attend tot section..
No.2-i got sms order for my mini popia for chinese new year around 10 packages..and also coming i in progress to fin new oledi done and submit for owner..and another one will fin as soon as possible before monday..i try it..
Hope everythin'gonna be ok..i really dont hav an idea right now..coz 'kering' do assignment..juz..for tiz new year..we get blessed from Allah,giv rezeki yang banyak & halal..kesihatan yang terjamin..pemikiran yang lebih terbuka dan bijak..dan JODOH YANG DI NANTI..hehehe..jgn marah..ah..

I will 'susun' all 2008 punya activities..and 'tribute for 2008 ..memory'

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