Monday, April 13, 2009

OMG!!!Buzz Week End

Very Buzz Week End..Yelah..started on Friday till 2day ..mmg spent all time wit family and it was very fun.. My New Bag.. cost RM39.90..aku pilih coz seizenya yang besar..pemegang yang kuat..dan simple..

My Baby Blue-selipar baru aku..yg menganti Dr.Cardin..

aku mmg fanatik jam..RM39.00 ..My Time

On Friday..guess wat i doin'..SHOPPING!!! 1B is the best choice..i bought new handbag..simple but very new slippers..of wat i called revenge..when my Dr.Cardin was stoled..i buy a new one..more xpensiv than b4..also my new watch..very stylo and sporty..Price Cut wit Body Glove i get 2 t-shirt juz for RM66..uh hu..

Pic baju x smpt diupload..coz tgh cuci..
On Satuday..Balik Kampung..!!!meet my granny and all relatives..we celebrate my aunt belated birthday..with barbeque..oh very havoc and happening..lit bit tired but satisfy for our own effort..independent girls..go..go..power..

tgh nak pasang challenge part..effort di gunakan ialah sebiji kelapa sawit yang kering..dan effective..
Sosej..Udang dan Ayam (teda dalam pic)
1st try from adiq..
2nd try for Fera

Masak bagus2!!..tu supervisor garang kat belakang kowang

Aksi 3 kidz yg perasaan birthday

ani tah pemudaan nya..meliat 'GELIMAT'..antah..

Adif..yg dah tak sabar
Birthday Mom..
Adif...yang comot..
Sunday..back to our houz..special moment wit all my family member at Gayang by me la of coz..but unfortunately my bro didn't join us..b'cox he still in his training practical..

Sowie la..aku amik pic ni pun..dha time abis makan..well moral of the story..aku yang belanja..hope2 rezeki akan bertambah murah la lepas ni..

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