Sunday, January 15, 2012

Loving it...

 I'm loving..make me remind...Mc D...Prosperity Burger ( Beef) juice..with black paper....(kontrol nafsu makan luk) kan mau kurus tahun ni..tahun lalu aku telah mengurangkan beratku..sebanyak 8 kg.why red?why?why?....tix year..i must hav red's collection..especially...

<---like dream purses!!!
 How about this pic? also want it..but mybe red--->

My dream shoes..belajar nak jadi ladies look alike..cox before..i juz wear my 'pink crocs' so i try for this gorgeous i try to find it..chaiyok..chaiyok (since when i be a so girly)but...can my azam tahun ni..nak jadi
ISo...what is this?

My company is born 'ONE PRIME ENTERPRISE'..will be my brand and my label...yes..i'm proud wit it..and i will be success...
<---sample logo (dalam percubaan)..

apa2 pun hope tahun ni akan bagi 'ong' pada lynn la.wish me luck..and also..happily ever after...(keep looking for new love--->

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